Changing Lives. Inspiring Action.

True Volunteer Foundation (TVF) is a unique, award-winning international NGO empowering people through education.
Working across 33 countries, last year TVF and its True Volunteers changed the lives of over 300,000 people. Read more…

True Volunteers

True Volunteers are the cornerstone of TVF. We work with over 100 True Volunteers who agree to Pay to Work and engage in a Social Career.


Corporate partners

From employee volunteering to project funding, TVF has worked with 50 corporate partners to deliver solution-driven and low cost CSR programmes.


Charity partners

TVF has strong track record of partnering with small charities to increase impact, jointly delivering over 100 International and UK projects.



Education provides people with life changing opportunities. TVF's projects cover a range of educational areas
and span 33 countries.


News feed: Latest news

  • How poverty affects education in the Philippines

    By Nichola Mae Meron When I went to primary school I had to wear a maroon-coloured woollen jumper over an equally unfashionable white shirt and matching polyester skirt. I used pens that had no buttons or extra colours, and the notebooks we wrote in were grainy and brown. We all hated it, but since our school […]

  • Creativity and Innovation in Education

    By Sebastian Krutkowski Eight years have passed since Sir Ken Robinson’s influential TED talk about the significance of creativity in education and the economy. We are now in the knowledge economy, but we still do not have an education system that can cater for its needs. As old careers become replaced by new ones, creativity […]

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