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Help us change the lives of children in Burma 


Burma is currently in the centre of an educational crisis with the educational sector having suffered immensely in recent decades. The children of Burma face major obstacles and a lack of opportunities fuelled by limited access to education.

It is reported that 1.3% of the Burmese Government budget is spent on education. Lack of funding has led to frequent school closures resulting in classes being overcrowded and poorly equipped. Thousands of children are coming out of the system each year, barely educated, with poor critical thinking skills and without a promising future. On average, an adult in Burma has only received 2.8 years worth of schooling in their lifetime.

How you can help?

The Burma Build a School Campaign gives you the opportunity to collectively come together to fund every element of the Ngar Mway Zin middle school in the Pauk Kaung township of Burma.

In partnership with HEAL Kids Foundation, TVF have launched this collective campaign to  make a real difference to lives of 140 Burmese children per year.

From as little as £5 you can donate towards small items to build a brand new school for the local children. Each donor will receive regular updates on the school project and will be able to see what a visible difference they have made to the lives of the children living in Pauk Kaung.

Visit our Burma shop now and view what items we need to reach our funding target to build the school. You are not just donating; you are supporting a child’s education, a better future for the children of  Pauk Kaung, and the infrastructure for a child’s success.

See what items we need to build this school !

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