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Ali Asghar Children’s Hospital

The request has been received by the Ali Asghar Children’s hospital for funding the treatment of newly born twins that have been administered due to a serious infection. The hospital is part funded by the government, but the majority of costs are born by the patients. There are many people who do not have medical insurance and have difficulty making the remainder payment for any treatment their children may require. The cost for some treatments are very high running into thousands of pounds, but in other cases, a few hundred pounds can save the life of a child. One such case is the newly born twin girls both of whom have a bacterial infection. The hospital’s procedure allows such patients with emergency needs to be treated, while a variety of donors try to eventually cover the cost of the hospital. However, the patient can not be discharged until the outstanding amount has been cleared. More importantly is the cost of medication which is not provided by the hospital, but is procured from the private sector. This means that no medication is administered until payment has been received. In this respect, payment for medication is more urgent to ensure timely treatment of the illness has been carried out. TVF co-funded the cost of medication for the twins with Iran’s Children Charity.

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