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Anuradhapura Micro-Finance Programme

This particular micro-finance fund focuses on the “Business Incubator” philosophy. TVF have organised group activities for creating a milk product enterprise. This will reduce the start up costs for seven entrepreneurs, enabling competitive milk based products to tackle market competition; even at micro level. The equipment is purchased through common funds and used by all of the entrepreneurs. For example, a hand separator (used for milk separation) would normally cost LKR 35000 alone. The training will be undertaken at a milk training centre in Giriulla Kurunegala and the cost born by TVF and their partners. A number of excellent proposals were received for non-dairy initiatives which TVF decided to help implement. TVF will re-invest the principle amount plus any interest made back into the Anrajapura Microfinance fund to help create opportunities for more entrepreneurs.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project LocationSri Lanka
Capital: Colombo
Population: 21.5 million
Below the Poverty Line: 8.9%
Children in Education: 1.7 million
Adult Literacy: 91.2%
Unemployment:  21.3%

Project Details
When: 2009
Focus: Adults
Impact: 30 people per year

Donation Ratio: