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Beit El Safa Children’s Home

Lebanon has suffered more than its fair share of serious disturbances due to years of civil war and constant conflict between its neighbouring countries. These conflicts have created unrest, thousands of refugees, soaring inflation, a poor educational infrastructure, widespread poverty and billions of pounds of war damage to roads, buildings and utilities. The 17-year civil war resulted in 150,000 Lebanese killed and a similar number seriously injured.

High in the Shouf Mountains 22 needy girls are cared for in a home called the Home of Serenity nurturing girls who are mainly drawn from Druze families. The girls enjoy the love and stability of a family-style home many miles from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Traumatised by many years of conflict, abuse and poverty, the girls enjoy a good education, good food and a healthy, caring environment. The home has 14 windows that will allow access to both intruders and thieves without too much difficulty. There is a need to protect both the 22 girls and the home by fitting purpose built security bars to all 14 windows thus denying access to the teenage girls’ home by unwelcome intruders.


Fast facts

Country Details
Project Location
: Lebanon
Capital: Beirut
Population: 4 million
Below the Poverty Line: 28%
Children in Education: 4.5 million
Adult Literacy: 87%
Unemployment:  40%

Project Details
: 2009
Focus: Children
Impact: 22 children per year

Donation Ratio:

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