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Braille Machines To Viti Levu

The Fiji School for the Blind is situated on the outskirts of Suva (the capital) on the island of Viti Levu in the Fiji Islands. It serves children who are blind or visually impaired. In there is a high percentage of albino children and also those suffering from diabetes. Both of these conditions have associated sight problems. Many of the children come from far-flung villages and so have to board at the school.

There is very little in the way of specialist equipment available in to help these children. Games and educational resources are geared towards sighted children and so those with sight impairment miss out on basic experiences that others take for granted. Braille machines are invaluable, as they enable staff to produce their own worksheets in Braille for the children to use. Some of the older children can even take these worksheets into mainstream schools and work alongside sighted children, so they are now beginning to integrate much more than they ever used to. The older children are also being introduced to using the machines themselves, so the school obviously needs more to cater for this.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project Location
: Fiji
Capital: Suva
Population: 890,000
Below the Poverty Line: 31%
Children in Education: 129,444
Adult Literacy: 93.7%
Unemployment:  7.6%

Project Details
: 2009
Focus: Children
Impact: 170 children in 3 years

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