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Cycling to School

Near the city of Jaffna in Sri Lanka there are a cluster of tiny islands. One of these Islands (Punkudutheevu) is home to an isolated village called Keratheevu. Many homes are separated from the schools by basic dirt tracks, where the pupils either walk or cycle to school. We should note that these journeys become extremely hard especially in the equator heat or drastic monsoon conditions. The senior villagers were concerned that soon all 52 children would soon stop attending school.

The objective of the project was to provide these 52 children, aged from five to fifteen years, with enough bicycles so they can attend school on a regular basis. Simple bicycles would need to be procured from Jaffna and be modified with heavy duty wheel bearing support so they could cope effectively with the tough conditions.

The opening ceremony had six Guests of Honour included the Principal of Punguduthiva Maha School, Mr Tharmakunasingam, the local Village Officer, Mr Vinayagamoorthy, and the Head of Geography at the Jaffna University, Mr Kugapulam. Funding was provided through the leisure company, Fitness with Belinda.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project Location
Sri Lanka
Capital: Colombo
Population: 21.5 million
Below the Poverty Line: 8.9%
Children in Education: 1.7 million
Adult Literacy: 91.2%
Unemployment:  21.3%

Project Details
: 2005
Focus: Children
Impact: 260 children over 5 years

Donation Ratio:

Arobanam Children Fund