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Dog Welfare in China

The saying “It’s a dogs life” for when someone has reached their lowest point, sadly rings true for literally millions of dogs – and cats – across Asia. Often dismissed as dirty, or even dangerous, by people fearing the risk of rabies and disease, their suffering is compounded, as millions more are cruelly raised and slaughtered each year as food for the table.

AnimalCycle aim to provide funding to help re-habilitate dogs who have been rescued and also support new educational practices. Many children in, especially those living on public housing estates, have never even had the chance to touch a dog and parents often tell their children not to do so because they think they are dirty or carry diseases. In recent years, the outbreak of SARS last year played directly into this fear and there lies an opportunity to start tackling the problem and start changing attitudes from a young age.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project Location
: China
Capital: Beijing
Population: 1.3 billion
Below the Poverty Line: 13.4%
Children in Education: 100.7 million
Adult Literacy: 92.2%
Unemployment:  6.5%

Project Details
: 2008
Focus: Community
Impact: 20 people per year

Donation Ratio:

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