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Farafara Vatambe Infrastructure

This project is an integrated operation which strictly follows set procedures required by the Malagasy Government involving a substantial amount of consultation and education prior to the proposed implementation. TVF worked with local NGOs and the local community in organising this important health project. The community donated land, rocks, sand and accommodation for the workers.

The following were completed:

  1. The Boreholes were used daily by over 300 primary school children AND 48 Households
  2. The repaired well was used by 23 Households
  3. Over 600 people attended the Health Education Workshop, including more than 300 youngsters.
  4. A Mobile Doctor was inundated while visiting numerous households. His main tasks also included the design of pictorial training aids adapted to the local culture and training rural practitioners.
Fast facts

Country Details
Project Location
Capital: Antananarivo
Population: 22 million
Below the Poverty Line: 50%
Children in Education: 4 million
Adult Literacy: 64.5 %
Unemployment:  37%

Project Details
: 2006
Focus: Children, Adults & Community
Impact: 1,200 people per year

Donation Ratio:

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