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Koh Tai Air Conditioned Surgery

The Veterinary clinic is based on the remote island of Koh Tao in Thailand. Noistar Thai Animal Rescue Foundation has been working on the island since 2002 and opened the first veterinary clinic on the island in June 2004.

They work from the clinic and also peripatetically around the island.

On Koh Tao there is no RSPC, no PDSA, no animal’s shelters, no sanctuaries and before their clinic virtually had no medical care of any kind for the animal population. Ravaged by mange, hungry and often abused, many of the animals did not survive. The Foundation has had to re-locate their clinic as the lease expired on the current premises.

The new clinic’s surgery does not have any air conditioning. Given the sweltering heat; the operating room will need to be air conditioned to make it possible for surgery to take place in a suitable environment and for more operations to take place in the future.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project location: Thailand
Capital: Bangkok
Population:  67 million
Below the poverty line:  8.1%
Children in education: 1.4 million
Adult literacy: 69.4%
Unemployment: 4.3%

Project Details 
When:  2009
Focus: Community
Impact: Animals over 10 years

Donation Ratio:

Partners:  Noistar