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Luxor Animal Tack & Collar Machine

There is a desperate need to educate the people of Luxor in how to effectively look after their animals. This project will benefit the poor farming community of El Marise and Armant, which is on the west bank of the river Nile, just to the south of Luxor. TVF, through local partners, aim to improve the welfare of dogs, horses and donkeys through preventative medical care and education. TVF will supply industrial machinery to enable our local partners to freely supply comfortable equine tack, and dog collars in Luxor, which prevent the injuries and pain caused by sub-standard items which owners cannot afford to replace.

Many of the injuries to these animals are caused by poor tack and collars which create open wounds that become infected and need antibiotics which are not available to owners. Terrible suffering is endured by animals because of these wounds. TVF’s local partner recognised this problem, and have made hundreds of tack and collars, which are distributed free with the old items destroyed. Thousands of injuries are prevented with tack and collars made by hand and on a domestic sewing machine. Production is slow and also certain functionality can not be made by a domestic machine – the breaking system to stop the cart hitting the horse or donkey, when they have to stop suddenly. A new industrial sewing machine, will increase production significantly and reduce manufacturing costs as the needles will be less likely to break. Also the tacks and collars will be stronger and longer lasting, helping more dogs, donkeys and horses.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project Location
: Egypt
Capital: Cairo
Population: 83.7 million
Below the Poverty Line: 20%
Children in Education: 10 million
Adult Literacy: 72%
Unemployment:  12%

Project Details
: 2009
Focus: Community
Impact: 2,500 animals in 10 years

Donation Ratio: