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Milk For Toddlers

LifeCycle have been made aware of a congregation of three hundred Sisters who work predominantly in the Madurai province in India. They work where they are needed which is usually in the poorest rural areas where they target the most deprived members of the community with free schooling and medical care. As well as schools, they also run hospitals, dispensaries, orphanages, nurseries and retirement homes.

The sisters are engaged in multiple projects to improve the conditions in the Sisu Bhavan crèche in Batlagundu. As the crèche does not have an income, funding was required to cover the cost of milk and a mid-day meals for the children.


Fast facts

Country Details
Project Location
: India
Capital: New Delhi
Population: 1.2 billion
Below the Poverty Line: 29.8%
Children in Education: 134.4 million
Adult Literacy: 61%
Unemployment:  9.8%

Project Details
: 2006
Focus: Children
Impact: 54 children per year

Donation Ratio:

: Children United