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Radio Listener Groups

Half the population of Madagascar is under 14 years old and roads too many villages are difficult to access for much of the year therefore limiting external contact to radio. However, cost of radio batteries is prohibitive. Children and their parents really value having a wind-up/solar radio because they can listen freely to programmes about mother-and-child health advice on nutrition, hygiene, vaccination and education.

These radios belong to family listener groups of up to 20 (predominantly children). However, hundreds of these radios are in need of repair. PhoneCycle wants to repair the radios so the groups can once again benefit from this valuable medium.

The funds were provided from proceeds through TVF’s general donations. In addition, TVF have 400 radios which need repairing which in turn could benefit approximately 5,000 children.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project location: Madagascar 
Population: 22 million
Below the poverty line: 50%
Children in education: 4 million
Adult literacy: 64.5%
Unemployment: 37 %

Project Details
When: 2005
Focus: Children, Community
Impact: 120 children per year plus 120 young adults, 50% of individuals change every 5 years

Donation Ratio:
 Partners: The Dodwell Trust