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Solar-Powered Homes

TVF have been made aware of an important need to provide sustainable energy to a number of homes in a remote village in Sri-Lanka. The village is in Kanagarajankulam near Vavanya. There are a number of children and seniors whose safety, security and education is compromised by their inability to live normally after sunset. Solar panels need to be mounted on top of each house so they can charge batteries and provide electricity to the entire home.

The difference solar power has provided to people’s lives is high. In the evenings, home work can be completed and social interaction can occur with the community with safety concerns addressed.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project LocationSri Lanka
Capital: Colombo
Population: 21.5 million
Below the Poverty Line: 8.9%
Children in Education: 1.7 million
Adult Literacy: 91.2%
Unemployment:  21.3%

Project Details
When: 2005
Focus: Community
Impact: 20 people per year

Donation Ratio:

PartnersArobanam Children Fund