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The Utsah Programme

Thousands upon thousands of children, some as young as eight years old, are working long hours in dark and dangerous conditions for just a handful of rupees to help their families. UNICEF is expanding revolutionary projects which give children the chance to break free from their forced labour, giving them back their childhood, and with it their enthusiasm for life. One of these key projects is called “Utsah” (enthusiasm).

The Utsah project sets up and equips simple, open-air classrooms in villages where child labourers learn to read and write, to play games together and to realise that there can be more to their lives than merely endless days of toil. Most importantly, this education gives them the chance to learn vital skills that will help them escape poverty.

The funds were donated by Alcatel Telecom.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project location:  India
Capital:  New Delhi
Population:  1.2 billion
Below the poverty line:  29.8%
Children in education: 134.4 million
Adult literacy: 61%
Unemployment:  9.8%

Project Details 
When:  2005
Focus:  Children
Impact: 20 children

Donation Ratio: