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Tloma Primary School

Tloma Primary School is in Tloma Village, 5km from Karatu in Northern Tanzania.  It is the only primary school in Tloma Village, and caters for the children of approximately 350 families.  It is a government school and the school receives very little funding. The school relies on donations from the community, churches and organisations like TVF for structural improvements and quality control.

Tloma Primary School has over 650 students, and only 16 classrooms. This means there is an average of 40 children per classroom. Often 4-5 children share one desk, making it difficult for children to see their textbooks and learn comfortably in an optimised environment.

Tloma Primary School is currently building two new classrooms which will require a complete new range of desks, chairs and other classroom furniture. The funds were donated by LeasePlan thanks to the initiatives of Simon Greener who participated in a sponsored walk.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project location: Tanzania
Capital: Dodoma
Population: 47 million
Below the poverty line: 36%
Children in education: 8.5 million
Adult literacy: 69.4%
Unemployment: 8.8%

Project Details 
When: 2009
Focus: Children
Impact: 180 children over 10 years

Donation Ratio:

Karatu Education Fund & LeasePlan