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Vanni Micro-Finance Project

The three-decade civil war has left thousands of families in the country without an economic infrastructure and therefore an inability to meet their basic needs.  It is estimated in the northern region, where most of the war unfolded, there are tens of thousands of stray cows. Many animals are trapped in the jungle and require medical attention.

TVF will work with a number of local agencies on an ambitious project to rehabilitate the cows and home then with local families to enable them to gain nutrition from milk and other dairy products. Local adults will be able to sell these products to help regenerate a micro-economy in the region. The Department of Animal Production & Health will provide training and  supply vaccinations  along with other animal health care. TVF will fund the cost of the medicines and provide funding for infrastructural materials to paddock the cattle until they are allocated to pre-selected families.

Existing dairy farmer groups are being formed in the villages with the assistance of Development Officers of AGA and these groups are being used to select the potential villagers who could rear milking-cows. Once the recipients are being selected the Department of Animal Production & Health will proceed with the vaccination as well as other technical services such as selecting the productive animals. The National Livestock Development Board will provide logistics such as transport vehicles and facilitation of the quarantine process at their livestock farm in Parasangaswewa. The National Livestock Development Board will also provide transport and other logistic supplies needed.

The goal of the project is ambitious: to select at least 25,000 suitable quality cows to be distributed among the resettled communities, creating at least 15,000 beneficiaries in rearing milking-cows. At the end of the second year this would generate around 600,000 litres per annum and create LKR 18,000,000 household cash flow.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project LocationSri Lanka
Capital: Colombo
Population: 21.5 million
Below the Poverty Line: 8.9%
Children in Education: 1.7 million
Adult Literacy: 91.2%
Unemployment:  21.3%

Project Details
When: 2010
Focus:  Adults, Community
Impact: 2,810 people per year

Donation Ratio: