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True Volunteer UK

TVF’s unique model is based on the vision that everyone should have a Social Career which is run in parallel with their paid job or studies. This is not something people do for a week or a month but on a long-term basis, with a real opportunity to change roles, keeping their personal development and interests alive.

True Volunteering is a three-way experience, you help us, we help you and we both help those in need! If you want to go the extra mile to help those in need, whether you are a student, house wife, professional or even a retired professional, you can make a real difference by becoming a True Volunteer.

TVF works with over 100 True Volunteers who Pay to Work and engage in Social Career.

Why “True volunteering”?

True Volunteers are the cornerstone of TVF and have a real opportunity to have input into how the charity is run. Each True Volunteer is given a empowering functional or project role which matches their skills, interests and availability. TVF  provides over  50  True Volunteers roles, ranging from Head of Department to Project  Manager, HR Officer  to Accountant, Marketing Assistant to Fundraiser.

Benefits of joining TVF

  • Perfect opportunity to gain new skills and enhance existing ones while being mentored by industry professionals
  • Be involved in a participative culture which empowers individuals to be creative
  • Flexibility: Volunteer from 5 hours a week  either from home or at our London HQ
  • Contribute to building a better society by empowering those who are less fortunate
  • Develop relationships within a multicultural environment
  • Expand your social network and get involved in our projects and events.

What TVF expects from True Volunteers

  • Active interest in volunteering and the charity sector: True Volunteers donate their time and skills to help deliver life changing projects in the UK and Internationally. TVF expects True Volunteers to have an active interest social developments in the UK and Globally.
  • Motivation, enthusiasm and commitment: It is important that True Volunteers are driven to accomplish TVF’s tasks, and remain dedicated and resilient. Each True Volunteer makes a direct impact on how TVF is run on a daily basis. You will be able to see directly how your individual involvement has helped make a difference!
  • Passion for learning and helping those in need: Do you have a genuine desire to help people? Do you have skills and personal qualities which you would like to help and share with others?  Do you have a thirst for learning?  If you answered yes to all three questions; you will make a great True Volunteer. TVF offers True Volunteers relevant work experience, skills enhancement/ development and a Social Career. 
  • Creativity and new ideas: True Volunteers add extra value to TVF through finding innovative ways to improve practices, new ideas for holding events, alternative methods of working, fundraising and so forth; this simultaneously helps improve TVF’s performance and also helps you learn and challenge yourself along the way. TVF appreciate’s a ‘Think outside the box’ approach!’
  • Professional approach: TVF expects True Volunteers to take pride in their work, to always be thorough and to have an eye for detail.

Becoming a True volunteer

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