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True Volunteer World

True Volunteer World (TVW) is a programme designed to offer a simple solution to True Volunteers who want to volunteer abroad.  Prior to TVW True Volunteers spent their time making a difference based in the UK.

As social responsibility issues have become more prevalent in modern society, people have realised that some of that responsibility lies with the individual. Through TVW you can embark on a placement overseas and get firsthand experience of how your personal time and skills really can make a difference in helping those less fortunate.

True Volunteer Mary Connolly, from Dublin, was based in Sri Lanka for three months and helped TVF by observing and evaluating projects in that country. Another True Volunteer Gesmay Paynter, from Seychelles, visited Guatemala for one month looking for new partners and supervising projects. Other True Volunteers have visited projects in Nepal and Egypt, in 2013 True Volunteers will be visiting projects Vietnam.  Each True Volunteer privately paid their airfare, insurance and general expenses.

TVW is unique as we do not charge True Volunteers to take part and we do not stipulate how long True Volunteers can stay on a project. True Volunteers only need to cover the cost of getting there and can go from two weeks right up to two years. We offer flexibility and tailor each experience to meet what the True Volunteer really wants. This means you choose what you love to do and have a passion for; so if you have a skill you want to utilise you can apply this to TVW.