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Meet the team

The TVF team is made up of a group of individuals who all share a passion and commitment to give back to those less fortunate, be that in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa or South America.

True Volunteers manage TVF and the team consists of professionals, retired professionals, students, housewives and the unemployed who work from our London HQ, from home or in the field.

TVF is governed on four levels which consists of the Trustee Board, Advisory Board, Management Team and Operations Team.  The individuals listed below highlight some of the core areas of our organisation.

MichaelMichael Padmanathan, Founder and Chairman

Michael grew to love pigeons from an early age and went on to establish a successful career working with new technologies in the telecommunications industry. Michael left his position as Vice President of New Business Models at Alcatel to expand TVF, which he founded in 2004.

Like all True Volunteers Michael does not receive a salary or reimbursement of personal expenses. Michael is now Chairman of TVF and governs the Trustee and Advisory Boards.

A keen fitness fanatic, Michael regularly swaps his suit for Lycra and is often seen in TVF Headquarters running between meeting rooms!


FennerFenner Austin, Head of Strategy

Fenner’s fascination with becoming a train driver faded early. Fenner is an experienced leader of market critical and complex transformational change programmes and has worked at senior levels in numerous FTSE 100 companies. Fenner is currently the Head of Strategy and Delivery for Group Security and Fraud at Lloyds Banking Group.

Fenner is TVF’s Head of Strategy and in 2010 conducted a strategic review of TVF’s Operating Model. At London 2012, recognising his charitable contributions, Fenner was selected to run with the Olympic torch.

Fenner plays the guitar very badly and has threatened to perform at management meetings if he does not get his way!


JohnJohn Mager, Trustee

John never lost his passion for buildings and was introduced to the commercial property market by his godfather. He is currently a Partner at Reddin-Clancy.

John joined TVF as a True Volunteer in 2004 and has done everything from dancing with Gorillas in David Lloyd Club to cycling 400km across Vietnam and Cambodia to raise awareness for TVF’s causes. John's main focus for TVF is on building long-term sustainable corporate partnerships with large blue chip organisations and SME's.

John loves to cycle, enjoys tennis and listens to Rock music loudly (possibly due to his aging ear drums!).


CorradoCorrado Accardi, Advisor for International Development

Corrado still loves football but never managed to break into the Serie A or the Premier League. Instead Corrado built up extensive project management experience within the property industry in Italy and the UK. Corrado is currently Director at HRDI Consulting Ltd.

Corrado led the International Development team at True Volunteer Foundation for three years and in 2013 joined the advisory board to provide ongoing strategic support to international projects.

Corrado is a keen traveller, loves pizza, Pavarotti, sailing and does not have a hot-headed Mediterranean temperament!


Will CochraneWill Cochrane, Advisor for UK Projects

Will always wanted to become a fire fighter and save the world. An MBA-educated senior manager, Will has extensive experience in project leadership and change management across a range of industries including financial services, retail, e-commerce, telecoms and the public sector. Will is currently Lead PMO Programme Manager at Lloyd’s Banking Group.

Will led the UK Projects team for three years working closely with government departments, small charities and corporate partners. In 2013 Will joined the advisory board to provide ongoing strategic support to UK operations.

Will is a keen runner, enjoys the odd game of golf and has been mistaken for a well-known member of the Royal Family!


Paul (in a former life!) Paul Warwick, Advisor for Human Resources

Paul wanted to work with animals when he was young but developed a passion for people and went onto become a senior manager at Marsh, a global insurance and risk management company. An experienced Human Resources professional, Paul currently works as a freelance professional trainer.

Paul managed the HR team for three years and then joined the advisory board in 2013 to provide ongoing strategic support across Human Resources.

Paul is a member of a local Sunday League Football Club and is a budding actor with his best work on show on ITV and the football field!

NB: Photo of how a young Paul could of looked in a former life. 


ClaireClaire Ashfield, Head of Partnerships

Claire (pictured wearing yellow) still dreams of living in a sand castle on the beach.

With a professional background in marketing and events, Claire joined TVF as a True Volunteer in 2010.  Claire supports a varied team of volunteers across marketing, fundraising initiatives and events.

Claire still love’s the beach and is hooked on fringe theatre; the TVF team believes she takes sedatives as she is far to calm under pressure!


AnilAnil Shah, Head of I.T

Anil, like many children, dreamt of becoming a doctor.  After graduating in Applied Physics, Anil started work in medical equipment design with GE Medical. Anil co-founded Enigma Health Plc developing Pharmacy Software which was then sold to FTSE 100 Company Unichem.

Anil manages a team of I.T True Volunteers supporting office operations, on line systems and product development.

Anil regularly plays badminton and football, and excelled in his informal role as TVF’s Handy Man with expertise in painting walls, putting up shelves and drilling holes through electricity cables!