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Our approach 

TVF works to change lives through education by empowering volunteers, working with the corporate sector and supporting small charities. People want to volunteer but have busy schedules and want to volunteer on their own terms. Many individuals are also disillusioned with the high cost bases of many large UK charities. Corporates need support in charitable giving but do not want to pay huge administration costs. Small local charities are best placed to respond to the needs of local their communities, but some of these charities need assistance in delivering projects and securing funding.

Three core areas

TVF was founded in 2004 to address these issues and focuses its approach around three core areas:

1. Providing volunteers with a platform to engage in a Social Career. Tue Volunteers donate between 5 and 35 hours per week within a specific role or project function.  Each True Volunteer role offers flexibility and a real opportunity to develop new skills while giving something back to those less fortunate.  TVF works with over 100 True Volunteers who agree to Pay to Work. True Volunteers do not get paid and do not claim general expenses.

2. Providing an accessible platform for businesses to give back in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. TVF provide tailored, solution driven and low cost CSR programmes covering a wide range of social outcomes. CSR opportunities include programme and project funding, employee volunteering, pro bono products and services, sponsorship and white labelled foundations.

3. Enabling small charities to maximise their full potential. TVF provide vetted charities with resources so they can become successful. This includes access to funding, project management and volunteer resources so TVF and its charity partners can jointly deliver projects. A benefit of this approach is that TVF will build capacity of small charities.