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University partners

TVF provides a unique platform for University students to True Volunteer offering empowering work placements and educating the next generation in social responsibility. TVF currently partner with over 30 universities across the UK and Europe, providing skilled student work placements in numerous study disciplines. Each placement is tailored to boost skills and learning, and each student once registered as a True Volunteer receives mentoring from industry professionals.

Tailored placements to boost skills and learning

Each True Volunteer is given a empowering functional or project role which matches their study discipline, interests and personal development goals. TVF’s HR Department provides full assistance through the recruitment stage, offers full inductions and monitoring processes. All placements are highly practical and range from 2 to 12 months. Placements can be undertaken either from TVF’s London HQ or remotely from their University Campus.

Mentoring from industry professionals

The TVF team consists of True Volunteers who are experienced professionals and experts in their field, coming from a wide range of industries.

Industries include Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Philanthropy, Marketing and International Development. Each University student is allocated a manager and receives mentoring and training throughout their placement. Once the placement is complete students have the opportunity to continue True Volunteering with TVF and are encouraged to continue with a Social Career.

Team building and off-site days

True Volunteers have the opportunity to take part in many of the community projects TVF implement with charity partners across London. Previous projects have included gardening in Richmond Park and painting a community centre in Tottenham.

University partnerships

TVF currently partner with over 30 universities across the UK and Europe, providing skilled student work placements in numerous study disciplines.

Placements are provided in IT, Human Resources, Project Management, Fundraising, Marketing,  Public Relations and Finance. Some of TVF’s strategic partnerships include London Business School, Coventry University London Campus and London Metropolitan University.

“Coventry University London Campus believe this strategic partnership
with TVF is central to providing our students with real pragmatic work
placements. The academic team at the University has been impressed
with the unique TVF model, dedication of its True Volunteers and
corporate-style professionalism in delivering this programme”.
Michael Linke, Coventry University

Becoming a University partner

If you would like to find out more or are interested in becoming a University partner the TVF team would be delighted to hear from you. Please click here to fill in our online contact form.