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True Volunteering

Pay to Work  

TVF works with over 100 True Volunteers who agree to Pay to Work.  True Volunteers do not get paid and do not claim general expenses. In return they gain a Social Career. The revolutionary Pay to Work principle is fundamental to TVF’s operating model, ensuring that the charity’s cost base remains extremely low and that every donation (be that time or money) has the biggest possible impact.

Social Career

TVF’s unique model is based on the vision that everyone should have a Social Career which is run in parallel with their paid job or studies. This is not something people do for a week or a month but on a long-term basis, with a real opportunity to change roles, keeping their personal development and interests alive.


TVF provides a platform for individuals to achieve their Personal Social Responsibility objectives through giving back to society and empowering those who are less fortunate. The TVF team is made up of students, housewives, professionals, retired professionals and the unemployed who True Volunteer from TVF’s London HQ and countries as far as China and the Philippines.

Why True Volunteer?

Many people are unmotivated by working for charities with high cost bases and would like to see tangible results from projects they become involved with. True Volunteers are the cornerstone of TVF and have a real opportunity to input into how the charity is run. Each True Volunteer is given a functional or project role within the charity which matches their skills, interests, personal development goals and availability.

TVF advocate ‘volunteering on your own terms’…empowering even the busiest of people to give back, either from home, TVF offices or on the field.