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Charity partners

Small local charities and grass-roots organisations are best placed to respond to needs of the local communities they serve but some need assistance in delivering projects and securing funding.

Our approach

Project Management Components

To increase reach and impact TVF provide vetted charities with resources so they can become successful. This can include access to funding, full project management support and skilled volunteer resources so TVF and its partners can jointly deliver projects.
The project management components diagram highlights what TVF provide in a typical charity partnership.
Each partner agreement provides charity partners with access to each of these components. A benefit of this approach is that TVF builds capacity of partner organisations enabling them to improve operations for the long-term.



Charity partner accreditation

Small charities wishing to be selected as partners will undergo a vetting process to satisfy predefined criteria. All charities should be aware that they must engage in a legal contract whereby they will need to agree to meet a number of deliverables.

TVF’s Charity Partner Accreditation Process is a system whereby small charities can strengthen their partnership with TVF and eventually become strategic partners. Current Level 5 Accredited Partners include Azafady, Schools Helping India Voluntary Association, The Dodwell Trust and Arobanam Children Fund.

Benefits of partnering with TVF 

TVF has an nine-year track record of partnering with small, local, grass-roots organisations and have jointly delivered over 100 International and UK projects. Selected charity partners are provided with skilled resources to deliver projects which may usually fall outside of their operational capacity and receive grants to deliver joint projects with TVF.

TVF’s Project Managers are continually searching for charity partners working across a range of educational areas focusing on children, adults and the community. Project Managers are also keen to hear from charity partners with remits focusing on microfinance.

Becoming a charity partner

If you would like to find out more or are interested in becoming a charity partner the TVF team would be delighted to hear from you. Please click here to fill in our online contact form.