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Corporate partners

The corporate sector is the main funding engine behind TVF, be this through the provision of pro bono professional products and services or through direct funding as part of a companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. TVF have worked with 50 corporate partners to provide tailored and solution driven Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

Many Company Boards and industry standards (i.e. ISO 9001 2040) now expect a robust corporate giving strategy with structured processes and measured deliverables. TVF is uniquely positioned to support such programmes, covering a wide range of social outcomes and Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

CSR opportunities

Programme and project funding

Through TVF, corporate partners can implement social projects in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and brand projects in line with wider marketing objectives. All projects have an educational remit and can focus on the UK or Internationally. The partners employees can be involved in designing and implementing their company new charitable projects working alongside a dedicated TVF team. TVF also provide partners with an opportunity to visit projects at anytime.

Employee volunteering

TVF provide a unique platform for corporate partners and individuals to True Volunteer. This can range from one day team building, where a team help build a garden in the local community, through to a full employee engagement programme which includes a mix of skilled and manual volunteer roles, covering short and long term volunteer opportunities.  Each volunteer programme is designed to meet specific partner objectives.

Pro bono products and services

TVF receives pro bono services and products from a wide range of corporate partners. This can include legal and financial services, marketing tools, training and mentoring for True Volunteers, IT services and products.


TVF provide corporate partners with a range of sponsorship opportunities. Some current opportunities  include sponsoring a school in Asia and sponsoring a pop-up shop in the UK.

White labelled foundations

TVF is seeking to revolutionise charity giving through white labelled foundations. Corporate Partners have the opportunity to set up their own customised foundation under the umbrella of TVF. This service provides partners with an easy solution to deliver strategic and high impact social projects, fully aligned with their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, without the high risks and high costs of setting up their own foundation. A dedicated TVF team works with each partner to establish the educational remit and focus of the foundation, with TVF delivering all project and regulatory outputs.

Benefits of partnering with TVF

TVF has provided tailored Corporate Social Responsibility programmes to 50 corporate partners and works closely with the British and various International Governments on strategic projects.

Due to our unique principles and pioneering financial model TVF ensures that no less than 91 per cent of every pound donated goes directly to each corporate partner’s chosen beneficiaries. Each programme is extremely low cost and high impact, made possible through working with over 100 True Volunteers who agree to Pay to Work and engage in a Social Career. 

CSR Whitepaper

TVF commission a number of whitepapers and conducted an in-depth analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility in the context of charitable giving.  Click here to download the Corpotare Social Responsibility Whitepaper.

Becoming a corporate partner

If you would like to find out more or are interested in becoming a corporate partner the TVF team would be delighted to hear from you. Please click here to fill in our online contact form.