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Ex-Racehorse stomach ulcer problem cured

Mr Boo, a 10 yr old ex-racehorse, born in 1999, raced successfully from 2004 until May 2009. Mr Boo raced at courses all over England winning at major venues including Lingfield, Fontwell and Plumpton. He won over £70,000 in his short career.

When he arrived at the Moorcroft Welfare Centre he was unwell and was diagnosed with bad stomach ulcers. The treatment for this condition is long and costly and difficult to administer as horses with this condition often will not eat so getting medication in is difficult. The treatment involves administering oral medicines over a 10 week period, lots of rest and a life with no physical or mental stress.

The horse will stay at Moorcroft until he is well enough to have a different career. Mr Boo is responding very well and beginning to look and feel better. He is having pure Aloe Vera juice three times a day and this has proved to work very well at healing the internal lining of the stomach and the gut. He is also being encouraged to eat as much fibre as possible (i.e. Hay).

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