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Lemur Venture Supplies

TVF worked with Parc Botanique Et Zoologique De Tsimbazaza to set up the Lemur Venture programme, designed to use both world specialists and general volunteers to study several lemur species to determine basic baseline information essential to conservation. The teams, provided with basic surveying equipment, ran research programmes in two types of forest, the Ifotaka spiny forest; and the Ambatoatsignana littoral forest. Previously unexplored forest fragments were mapped out, with both diurnal and nocturnal transects, revealing a presence of several known species of lemur. A variety of herbarium specimens were collected and volunteers engaged members of each community in environmental education programmes, as well as enlisting their help in seed collecting and tree planting activities.

The project objectives included surveying remaining forest fragments of Southeast Madagascar in order to evaluate the diversity and abundance of lemurs within those forest patches, to collect herbarium specimens in collaboration with Parc Botanique et Zoologique de Tsimbazaza, identify new areas of high biological value and put them forward to be included in the expanding protected area network of Madagascar. Additionally, focal follows, also known as observational trackings, on several lemur populations occurred in order to study their feeding behaviour and to educate local populations on the outcomes of forest destruction, including loss of habitat for lemur species.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project location:  Madagascar 
Population:  22 million
Below the poverty line:  50%
Children in education:  4 million
Adult literacy:  64.5%
Unemployment:  37%

Project Details
When:   2008
Impact: Over 3 years – 200 lemurs studied and information fed back

Donation Ratio:

Partners:  Azafady & Next Generation Clubs