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LifeCycle Learning Centre

The role of the LifeCycle Learning Centre in Ampefy is to educate children and young people and enable them to become community leaders and teachers. Children specific activities aim to compliment the school curricula. Those aged 6-12 will take part in daily classes post-school and during the holidays. Disadvantaged pupils and those with learning difficulties who have dropped out of primary school will be given additional term-time lessons, aimed to assist them in returning to school.

In 2008, one year on from the opening ceremony, the centre has over 100 students per day. One classroom serves at ground level among illiterate people. Classes for reading, writing and counting are held each morning.

It is surprising how many young and less young living in the area cannot sign their name or count, which is important in an agricultural area where farmers need to sell their produce. Two part-time teachers manage the classes. The second major classroom is used for teaching first-step computer literacy for children.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project location: Madagascar
Capital: Antananarivo
Population: 22 million
Below the poverty line: 50%
Children in education: 4 million
Adult literacy: 64.5%
Unemployment: 37%

Project Details
When: 2007
Focus: Children
Impact: 80% of 2,000 children per year

Donation Ratio:  

Partners: The Dodwell Trust & FEMTO Trust