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The Nursery School building programme across Sri-Lanka provides education to over 500 children per year. However, it was recognised that these schools needed support to improve general education levels. The building of a teacher training centre ensued in a centralised location to support all twelve schools. Resource packs were created to ensure these teaching aids supported and enhanced the Montessori teaching methodology. Additionally, a library was erected to support some of the schools and their local communities.

The Library was a basic building measuring sixteen square feet. A resource pack was provided together with a minimal number of books. The funding for the project was provided by Kyung Won Lee who performed a Classical Music concert in Surrey. Additional funding is required to provide additional books and a computer.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project Location
Sri Lanka
Capital: Colombo
Population: 21.5 million
Below the Poverty Line: 8.9%
Children in Education: 1.7 million
Adult Literacy: 91.2%
Unemployment:  21.3%

Project Details
: 2007
Focus: Children
Impact: 450 children in 5 years

Donation Ratio:

Partners: SHIVA Charity