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Vatambe Health Centre

The village selected for this project was Farafara Vatambe. This is one of the villages within Ambato Valley, part of the commune of Mahatalaky. This region only has two health centres to serve over 34,000 people. Approximately 60% of the population dwell in areas 15km from the nearest health centre. Over 50% of the population dwell in areas inaccessible by any means of transport other than foot.

The new building was built on a stone foundation, has brick walls, a corrugated sheet metal roof and hard wooden doors and windows; it spans 6m x 3m. Whilst fulfilling the same functions as the community pharmacies it also offers a base for mobile doctors, NGO’s and Ministry of Health officials who use the Centre as a hub in this isolated region.

Fast facts

Country Details
Project location: Madagascar
Population: 22 million
Below the poverty line: 50%
Children in education: 4 million
Adult literacy: 64.5%
Unemployment: 37%

Project Details
When: 2006
Focus: Children,Community
Impact: 44,798 people since 2006; 3 pharmacies for 34,000 people per year, so by the end 11,333. Half are kids in the population. No adults as forecasts are high.

Donation Ratio:

Azafady & FEMTO Trust